Stribling & Associates Kristin Hurd Featured on Medium


Stribling & Associates logoNEW YORK CITY, NY – Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development Kristin Hurd of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate member Stribling & Associates was recently featured on Medium in a Q&A interview.

“When did you first get into residential real estate and why?

I first decided to go into real estate at the end of 2002 and started in February of 2003. I had been working in the dotcom world, and although I kept a job and the company I worked for did not go bankrupt, there was really nothing happening. I decided to get my license and start selling in Jersey City. I actually came from a big real estate family in Ohio. I remember calling my mother and telling her and she said 'are you sure? Ugh' …it cracked me up!”

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