The Great Estate Group Announces the Appointment of Ms. Nadia Aron, The New Manager of the German Department


1433439585We interview Ms. Nadia Manuela Aron today who has for some months been managing German clients for the Great Estate group.

Nadia, can you tell us how and why you began working with the Great Estate group?

I met Stefano Petri, the group’s managing director, through Riccardo Luculli, Head of the Great Estate’s Network, who offered me the opportunity to be part of the group and manage their German department. After he explained to me about their professionalism and the possibilities of growth and development within the group, I enthusiastically accepted his offer.

Only a few months ago, Great Estate concluded an important working partnership with the Hauskauf Italian real estate agency of Nicole Siedersberger-King-what is your role within this partnership?

I am the professional contact for Ms. Siedersberger-King (whom I have worked with these past few months) and in Italy, I manage German buyers who come mainly from that contact. Nicole was very helpful with useful tips in how best to present Italian properties on the German international market, having already gained strong experience in this field.

What do you expect from this partnership?

Customer satisfaction is my main objective. The Great Estate Group has, over the years, structured a client management methodology that makes it easier for them and us to manage client expectations. The Great Estate Group is also a company that is always looking to improve and always with greater professionalism. These values are not so easily found in Italy, and we are always looking to those abroad to create something important.

Thanks to the Great Estate Group’s professionalism, I would like to meet as many of our clients as possible and achieve positive results.

Finally, can you tell us where, what and how much German clients are willing to invest in our beautiful Italy?

The Germans seem to prefer central Italy and in particular Tuscany. -Lately they have shown an interest in the Liguria and Piedmont regions as well-.

They primarily look for a typical property (rustic or farmhouse), preferably a property that has been restored and is very private. Their budget is approximately €500,000 but they are also willing to invest more when they find the right quality/price property.