The Great Estate Group Strengthens its Important Working Relationship with the Italian Hauskauf Real Estate Agency

The Great Estate Group interviews Nicole Siedersberger-King, owner of the Italien Hauskauf real estate agency

Nicole, can you tell us a little about your real estate agency and the type of property you sell?

The standards required by our clients are very high. They are looking for luxurious and extremely refined properties both externally and internally.

Can you tell us what areas, the type of property and how much are German clients are willing to invest in our beautiful Italy?

It is a mixed clientele; we deal mostly with Swiss, German and Austrian clients as well as a growing English and Dutch market. The Swiss are particularly interested in coastal areas, specifically in Castiglione della Pescaia in the province of Grosseto. Many Germans are fascinated by northern Tuscany in particular Pisa and Lucca but more recently Liguria as well.

Mostly these same areas are sought by Austrians (who prefer to travel by car) and who are also interested in spa areas such as Montecatini Terme for example while the English and the Dutch prefer Siena and its neighbouring towns and villages. The types of property sought in the majority of cases are restored traditional stone Tuscan farmhouses that have interiors that alternate between a typical Italian style and a more modern design. These properties will also have a large outdoor swimming pool with panoramic views. For properties that are beside the sea, the preference is for a not too large villa as well as a swimming pool overlooking the sea.

How did you hear about the Great Estate Group and when did you start working together?

I got to hear about the Great Estate Group thanks to their massive and effective presence online, together with various portals and in general through their main website that achieves excellent indexing on search engines. The collaboration began about four years ago, I initially worked with Elisa Biglia who helped me in the management of the sale of a magnificent property in Argentario, more recently it has been Nadia Aron who keeps me up to date.

What do you expect from this working partnership?

This is a group full of professionals who we hope can grow and develop together to achieve increasingly important goals in the international arena. All this will certainly be possible thanks to the great synergy that has been established between us that is already leading to brilliant results. Their extensive experience in the real estate world both nationally and internationally is a key aspect that in the near future is already expected to be promising and rosy.