Major Changes Unveiled in Spring Issue of The Beacham Series


The latest issue of The Beacham Series began hitting mailboxes in early May. Now in its third year of publication, the magazine underwent a major design overhaul for the second time.

The biggest change is the shape of the magazine, which was converted from a rectangle to a square. In doing so, the overall print area of the magazine was increased by 15 percent to almost one square foot. At such a substantial size, the magazine is now even more worthy of its prominent placement on coffee tables in Atlanta’s finest homes.

Blayne Beacham, creative director for Beacham & Company and editor of The Beacham Series, also had a higher purpose for changing the magazine’s shape.

“In the most basic sense, real estate is forever married to the square unit, the most basic building block of architecture,” Beacham said.

“Athens and Ancient Rome were designed around a square using the square as a unit of measure. Today, houses are built in terms of square feet, using the square as a measure of scale.”

Another important difference is the conversion from gloss to matte finish paper. Beacham’s belief is that glossy pages distract the viewer’s eye from the photograph, while a matte finish showcases the beauty of the homes in their most natural state.

Other changes include the addition of a map that plots Atlanta neighborhoods and both public and private schools. Public schools with the highest percentage of students who exceed the minimum scholastic standards set by the State of Georgia are specially identified on the map.

Finally, banners were added to listings that are historically significant or were designed, built or renovated by a noted architect or interior designer. The change reflects the company’s understanding that history, location, classic architecture and top notch interior design will always sell.

The Beacham Series has a distribution of more than 28,000. If you have not received a copy of the magazine and would like to, please email to have a copy mailed to you or go to our website to view the online version at