Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate (LRE®) Partners with WealthQuotient Coaching and Knowledge Base to Help Members’ Acquire New High-Net Worth Clients through Targeted Referrals


1679066575SEATTLE, WA USA – Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate (LuxuryRealEstate.com) and WealthQuotient - an efficient “inward out” referral-based prospect development strategy – have partnered to offer LRE® members’ a data-driven referral-based approach with actionable insights supported by practical tools. The program ensures that completion of the certification will result in a bespoke engagement strategy for specific wealthy prospects that have been identified within the relational networks of top referral sources. Join the top performers in the real estate industry who have used the proven 5 Step Methodology to help them determine their top referral sources as a simple and easy way to begin the process.      

WealthQuotient offers LRE® members proactive and systematic data-driven referrals resulting in new high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients. This course distills over a decade of learnings, best practices and tools used by the top global brands in the world across luxury real estate, fashion, jewelry, and more into a succinct and actionable 5 Step Methodology. This methodology walks participants through finding and keeping new high net worth clients within 90 days and promises to accelerate chemistry and trust within referral relationships. 


Meghan Barry states, “We are thrilled to be partnering with WealthQuotient, joining a select roster of top global brands in luxury, financial services, nonprofit, and higher education. WealthQuotient’s prospect development strategies will offer the members of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate opportunities to gain fast, direct access to ultra-high net worth prospects. It’s a winning proposition.” 

Mr. Friedman noted, “WealthQuotient is so excited to offer our Billionaire and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Mastermind and Introductory High-Net-Worth Certification through LRE to agents.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran or looking to get your first high-net-worth luxury client, the WealthQuotient LRE Certification program will equip you with the skills, tools, case studies and best practices drawn from working with the top luxury, financial services and philanthropic brands in the world.  Participants of the certification will walk away with a credential that is recognized by WealthQuotient’s clients and ecosystem partners in luxury, financial services and non-profits  

WealthQuotient has proven to be a vital asset for agents in the business of selling luxury properties. This partnership will provide LRE® members with the tools and skills necessary to close the deal and create a powerful network of referrals.  

For more information about Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, visit www.LuxuryRealEstate.com. To learn about the LRE® WealthQuotient partnership, members can visit: LRE® High Net Worth Introductory Program and LRE® Ultra High Net Worth Client Masterclass

For more information about WealthQuotient, visit: www.mywealthq.com. 

About Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate/LuxuryRealEstate.com  

A worldwide collection of top brokers representing the finest luxury properties across the globe, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate has been leading the real estate industry since 1986. This hand-selected group of more than 125,000 professionals with properties in more than 55 countries collectively sells over $300 billion of real estate annually, making it the most elite and comprehensive luxury real estate network in the world.  

Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate’s global network is showcased on LuxuryRealEstate.com, the leading portal for luxury properties online, presenting exclusive multi-million-dollar estates. Frequently distinguished as a leader in the industry, the company has been recognized by Forbes, the Inc. 5000 List and The Wall Street Journal. In addition, they have been honored multiple times by The Webby Awards, ADDY Awards and most recently awarded the 'Best Directory or Search Engine Website' in the 2022 Internet Advertising Competition Awards hosted by the Web Marketing Association. 

For more information about Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, please visit www.LuxuryRealEstate.com

About WealthQuotient

WealthQuotient is co-foudned by David Friedman, a leading serial entrepreneur in the data and weath intelligence space and noted speaker and author on the wealthy as well as a frequent contributor to FOX, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg and WSJ.  WealthQuotient is the world’s only data-driven referral based ultra affluent acquisition platform.  Mr. Friedman is also the former co-founder of Wealth-X, the leading global database of ultra high net worth dossiers and intelligence.