Illustrated Properties Takes Agent Training to New Level With Continuous Improvement Director

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – (Oct. 1, 2008) – Illustrated Properties, a top real estate firm with over 18 offices in South Florida recently hired former manager, coach, and professional speaker Dennis J. Giannetti as Director of Continuous Improvement. “We are happy to bring Dennis on as part of our management team at Illustrated Properties,” states president Chappy Adams. “Our goal is to provide our agents with the leadership and resources to succeed in any market. The addition of Dennis to our team allows us to take our training, coaching, and agent professional development to the next level.”Dennis Giannetti, the new Continuous Improvement Director with Illustrated Properties.Giannetti, a former corporate trainer and professional speaker, has worked in the real estate field as a sales associate, coach, trainer, and manager since 2000. “My goal with Illustrated Properties is to provide the agents with the latest technologies and resources to help them succeed while upholding and expanding on the reputation for excellence that Illustrated Properties has achieved.”To accomplish the above, Illustrated Properties has collaborated with Giannetti and various agents to create an individualized Coaching Program for Continuous Improvement™ that places a focus on the agent first and the program second. This prioritization allows agents to create a process that emphasizes the agent’s best abilities and capitalize on them. “We create structured yet adaptable programs to ensure each agent’s success based on what they want to do, not are forced to do,” states Giannetti.“We may not all be equal in talent, contacts, or start up cash, but we can create an equitable playing field with some key actions,” according to Giannetti. The Coaching Program teaches agents each of those key actions and how to utilize them in the world in which they have to use them.The entire Coaching Program will be branded and presented in an easy to navigate and motivational theme. The Coaching Program will provide various methods of learning such as large and small group training, masterminds, coaching, e-learning, accountability tools, and self-paced learning modules in an effort to accommodate all learning styles and agent strengths.Additionally, the Department of Continuous Improvement offers courses in related areas of real estate: negotiation, conflict resolution, and World Class Customer Service™. Agents also have personal one-on-one coaching available to them as well.For more information on the Illustrated Properties Coaching Program for Continuous Improvement (IPCI), please visit or call Dennis J. Giannetti, Director of Continuous Improvement at 772-214-4567.