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A Scottsdale Arizona native, Barry Van Patten II has been creating relationships and strong community ties his entire life. With a strong business acumen and background with business startups, branding, and marketing. His exceptional communication skills and coaching abilities help guide his clients into making the best real estate decisions. "I believe in a positive approach in all of my dealings. I am a man of character and integrity and my business is rooted in a solid ethical footing". I approach each transaction as if it were my own and advise accordingly. "My clients love my approach and attention to detail, and you will too".

My Core Values:

Integrity- I believe it is most important to treat others as I wish to be treated and as such live each day upholding this value.

Market Knowledge- I have the benefit of being born and raised in the Scottsdale/PV area. Not only did I live in Scottsdale, I attended Paradise Valley schools, and my grandparents lived near Camelback mountain. I make it a point to pay close attention to all markets on a daily basis, this market knowledge is an asset for my business and my clients.

I Listen- Some people say I need to talk more, but I prefer to listen to wants, needs, and stories to better understand. Understanding people helps foster a healthy relationship and positive results.

I love to compete- Not much more to say. My professional coaching background and success is a testament to my love of competition. I enjoy winning and winning enjoys me.

Branding and Marketing- Building a brand and marketing are not one in the same as many confuse them. Branding is creating and identity and marketing is selling that identity. I enjoy and excel at creating and delivering on both.

Creating Lasting Positive Relationships- My hope is my clients become lifelong friends. I truly enjoy people, it"s why I started coaching, it"s why I am in the real estate business. My clients become my friends and I am truly grateful for all of them.

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