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Shelly Bearden, has been a successful real estate agent for 8 years. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Service Management and a Minor in Business, she immediately started her career in residential real estate as a Realtor and is now a licensed Broker.


Shelly began her real estate career with a leading Fortune 500 Company known as Pulte Homes. She acquired extensive training in finance/mortgage calculations, construction knowledge, customer service skills, and competition studies within the Nashville market. She was awarded “Wingman Trainer” and “Top Gun Trainer” after 6 months, qualifying her to mentor and lead others. She was also given the title “Lead Recruiter” for the Nashville division. She held job fairs and spoke to Universities such as University of Georgia, University of Tennessee, and IndianaUniversity, recruiting top individuals for the Nashville sales team. As for sales, Shelly was consecutively awarded Salesperson of the month for units and volume. She loved the challenge of selling undeveloped dirt, grand opening communities, giving slower selling neighborhoods a “makeover” to become the top income generating communities, and overcoming new challenges along the way. After a successful career with Pulte Homes, Shelly was ready to move to something more challenging. She decided to work in a much larger development with more of an opportunity to learn.


Shelly was with Regent Homes in Lenox Village Community for over 4 years. Shelly was the top sales agent for 3 years where she earned the Silver Award (2005) and Platinum Awards (2006 and 2007) for selling over $10 million in annual sales. Shelly sold $17.2 in annual sales in 2007, motivating her to want to sell in all areas of Nashville.


Shelly started with Worth Properties working under Laura Baugh, one of Nashville's top agents. She is now a licensed Broker buying and selling in all areas of Nashville. Shelly has a natural ability to communicate with people and doesn’t waste anyone’s time. Above all other skills, she believes that being an effective listener is the most important trait a sales agent can possess. Clients can provide a much-needed perspective on the products and services they are looking for and Shelly plans to help provide only what her customers need and want.


Shelly and her husband Robert Bearden (from Nashville) have been married for 4 years. They live in Green Hills, in a home they renovated together. They have 2 sons under the age of 2. They are also accompanied by their 2 rescue dogs.


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