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I’m a real estate professional specializing in Toronto’s Central and West End (including Etobicoke). When we work together, you’ll see how my boutique approach to real estate makes all the difference.

Your experience, and your success, matters - allow me help with both. I have built a strong reputation for genuine client satisfaction. The work I do relies on three factors: market knowledge, creative vision, and attention to detail.

I work with only the best in the business to help sell your home. Whether that includes my comprehensive staging services, marketing, photography. I’ve been working with the same people for decades, so I trust them to deliver – and so will you.

Life changes, and so do your needs. I am here to be your local expert, the person in your corner, and the one looking out for your needs.

I know the best areas, how to find properties specific to you, so that you can tour your future neighbourhood like an expert.

Raised in a family of builders, I also have an innate understanding of design and construction. It’s easy for me to see the best version of your home, so that it lives up to its potential (while avoiding headaches).

I’m a proud mother of two wonderful young adults, a traveller, an entrepreneur, with a passion for photography, interior design, and decorating. My personal mantra, in both business and life, is “always treat people with the respect you want in kind.”

Please allow me to help make your next real estate decision the right one.


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Toronto, ON, Canada

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Ana is very professional, personable and easy to work with. She took the interest and time to know what our list of desires and needs was. We always felt like Ana was giving us 100% of her time and energy, and was tireless in providing us good analysis and feedback. She is patient, a problem solver and VERY switched on! She takes the stress out of the process.

If you are looking to buy or sell your home, you want and in your corner. We would definitely recommend Ana unconditionally to help you with your real estate needs.

Jane & Dean

We would like to thank Ana Santos for all of her support and guidance during the sale of our home. As we were going into early retirement it was critical that we achieve the highest sale price possible for our home and she helped us immensely to reach our goals and beyond. Her knowledge of the market and her sense of style and staging expertise, as well as some key contacts, helped us get to market quickly with our home looking amazing, just like one would see in a magazine.

Working with Ana has been a real joy and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to all of our friends and family.

Lori & Lars

We are extremely happy with having chosen Ana Santos as the REALTOR® for the purchase of our house and sale of our condo. We met Ana by chance when we looked at a house that was for sale in a neighbourhood in which we were interested. We were not ready to buy at that time, and the specific house had many issues that made it unattractive to us.

Still, Ana made a great impression with her knowledge of building
materials and ideas for renovations, so we asked Ana to send us MLS
listings, long before we officially signed on to have her as our
buyer’s agent. When we got serious about looking at houses and making offers, we were in the end deeply impressed by her knowledge of the market and her intuitive sense for what we were looking for in a home.

The market was very hot, and most houses seemed to be priced low in
order to trigger a bidding war and to sell by a large margin over asking. Deciding on an offer price was hard considering we were unfamiliar with the situation, and we initially thought Ana’s estimates were high.

Seeing a few sales (including sales where we bid and did not
win) proved us wrong and showed that her estimates were excellent and exceptionally close to the final selling price. She very patiently shopped with us for houses for about a year, when we finally found the house we wanted at the price we wanted.

When we took her services to sell the condo we were living in, Ana made fantastic recommendations for renovations, upgrades, and staging. She also provided practical help considering our busy lives. We asked her for recommendations for contractors and the contractors were extremely professional and did a phenomenal job beyond our expectations. Her photographer is also outstanding. The condo sold in three days at the price we wanted.

We recommend Ana in the strongest terms, both for buying and for selling.

Rosalie & Ulrich

It was a great pleasure to have Ana represent us as selling agent for our home!!

We interviewed a few agents to understand the services they offered and get a price estimate on our home. We had been to a few of Ana’s open houses and decided to include her in our agent list. Let me just say… there are some shady characters out there. We interviewed one that provided an awful experience which included being unprepared for the initial meeting, pressure tactics, and even a subtle threat!

Ana was totally opposite! She was respectful of our home and our family and came thoroughly prepared with comparables and examples of the marketing materials she uses. She walked through the house and gave us suggestions on small improvements that would best show case it… we hadn’t even hired her and she was already helping us. Wow, what a first impression!!

It didn’t take us long after she left to decide on hiring her. It was our best decision! She has a keen eye for design, amazing taste and a fantastic team! She did a phenomenal job at staging our home. Used many of the pieces we had, brought her own to make it modern and relevant to potential buyers and, yes, she made us remove our family pictures, patch up the holes and paint. It was the best advice and we are glad we followed it! We trusted her and she did an amazing job for us!!

Ana followed through on all her promises. The marketing was fantastic! Magazines, feature sheets, video, open house, inspection, interior plan of the house, staging. Wow! And she doesn’t compromise on quality. The pictures of the home weren’t to her high standards, so she had the photographer come back for a re-take and new feature sheets printed. She has high expectations of her team and only delivers the best. She made us feel like we were her only clients, even though we know she had multiple listings.

Ana made our home into a show home, just like in a design magazine, and was respectful of us and our family all along the way. She is a terrific business woman, who understands the industry and more importantly, she knows what works well in today’s market. We highlighted to our two girls examples of her doing an exemplary job where others showed us mediocre effort. We believe in providing strong examples of successful women in business and what you need to do to be fantastic while keeping to the highest values!

When time comes to move again. She will be the first one we call!

Sonia & Wilson

As longtime residents we had many of life’s milestones from high school to being married to raising children all in Etobicoke.  Our residence in Etobicoke had every conceivable convenience within walking distance and all these factors added up to a difficult decision as to whether or not to move to a new city to be closer to "the kids". 

Ana was recommended to us by a neighbour who had sold their son's house quickly and efficiently.  While visiting our family out of town we went to a couple of open houses and found one that could suit our needs. 
Following the neighbours comments about Ana we met informally where she listened to our dilemma and recognized the emotional issues we were struggling with. On Friday, we listened to her assessment of the current local market, she recognized the positives and negatives about our home and provided us with an estimated value while listening to our desired outcomes.   Well, by the end of the weekend, the deal was done in a calm, discreet, no-fuss, no drama transaction well over our estimated value.  It was over before we knew it, but Ana communicated throughout and she simply had our best interests in mind.  She was keen to follow up and has remained in touch to see how we made out in our new home which has already had regular visits from the kids. 

After we sold in Etobicoke there seemed to be many people who were wrestling with the same dilemma about whether to move away from the convenience and longtime life events to new adventures closer to family members.  

Our best advice is "Talk to Ana". 

Denise & Neil

We had the pleasure of working with Ana on the sale and purchase of our homes and she more than exceeded our expectations. She not only assisted us with the typical realtor responsibilities, she went above and beyond to support us in so many other ways including renovations to our home as well as advice on the design of our new build home. Ana is a very driven and passionate realtor that is focused on delivering exceptional customer service. Her knowledge, dedication and work ethic distinguishes her from other realtors and contributes to her success in the market.

We would highly recommend Ana to friends and family given her exceptional service and professionalism. She truly made the process of buying and selling our homes so much easier.

Paul & Pat

We had the pleasure of working with Ana on the sale of our current home and the purchase of our new dream home.   Ana is extremely professional, patient and knowledgeable.   She was always available and flexible to meet our busy schedule.   We never felt rushed, pressured or like we were taking too much time to make a decision, which we greatly appreciated as we have 3 small children.   We genuinely felt like Ana had our best interests in mind and that she was helping us make the best decision with all the facts possible.
We would recommend Ana to all our family and friends without hesitation.

Maria & Rodrigo

ANA SANTOS SOLD OUR HOUSE. at’s the important part of the story, but what might interest Ana’s prospective clients is what went on before our happy ending.
Ana came through our home, a home we have loved and lovingly decorated, a home we thought was perfect in every way. We expected Ana would arrange photography, post the listing online and within a week or so our home would have a SOLD sticker plastered diagonally over the Harvey Kalles sign on the front lawn. at is not what happened.
Ana suspected that we needed to freshen up the house, especially the kitchen - a partial overhaul, she said. Ana veri ed this by having an agent open house. She met with us and delivered the news - what was needed was two weeks of being without a kitchen, and within that time, Ana’s painter would paint the entire main oor and her kitchen people would revamp the kitchen - we would pay the bill, of course, but the sale price would re ect the investment. We also needed to remove much of the art that hung on so many of the walls. is was an artist’s house and a place to show paintings between exhibitions but now it was a house for sale.
Ana is a brave soul - and she does not mince words; here is how I remember the conversation. “If you want others to see this house and to value this house as we know it should be valued, you are going to need to do the work. Bring this 14-year-old house up to the standards of a new house and do it fast.” ree weeks later, the house was so lovely we wondered why we hadn’t done this work ourselves, for ourselves, years ago. It turns out, Ana is not only a top notch real estate agent, she also has a great aesthetic sense - her second career could be as an interior designer, but she is too busy selling and buying homes for her clients.
One week a er listing, our house was sold at a very fair price. e new people have a young family, just as we did when we moved into that same house. We are all happy with the deal that was struck. I attribute the process and the outcome to Ana Santos. I recommend Ana without hesitation if you are selling or purchasing a home in the west end of Toronto.


I am writing this as an owner of a Canada wide Commercial Real Estate Brokerage company who engaged Ana Santos to represent my wife and I in the sale of our house and in securing out next house. To start with, I have been in real estate for 30 years so I’ve seen it all. Our decision to engage Ana was the best one we could have made. It is easy to say that she got us over 99% of our asking price but it is more of a compliment to say that it wasn’t easy by any stretch. Our home was irregular in it’s layout and very customized to our tastes. We knew that it would take a very specific buyer and it might take some time to sell. That was the case and Ana called it right from the get go. She anticipated the nature of the buyer and refined her marketing strategy over time to target the type of buyer it would take to close a deal. Her communications along the way were excellent. We were given constant updates on her marketing which left us feeling like Ana was giving our house special attention. In addition, Ana personally attended all showings...over 50!!! And each open house...5!
In the end, it was the fifth open house that brought in the ultimate buyer. What is interesting about that is that my wife and I had previously decided that we were not going to do anymore open houses and Ana talked us into it. Thank goodness. When the buyer came through the home, Ana knew immediately that she had found the illusive prospect and immediately jumped into action to get them back in for a private showing and convince them to make an offer. Once the offer came in that’s when Ana showed her real talent. She worked with the buyers agent in a way that enabled him to communicate well with his buyers and make them feel comfortable with the market comps.
After several days of going back and forth Ana was able to finalize the deal at 99% of our asking price with the ideal closing date we were looking for.
Ana then put her skills to work sourcing and securing our next house.
Whether selling your existing home or search for a new home to buy, I strongly recommend using Ana Santos. Please give her a call and discuss your needs. She is outstanding.

Alan MacKenzie

Our first encounter with Ana was at an open house she conducted last year. That's when we started our magical connection with her. Since then we started to work together to search for our right home. While we have bought and sold a number of houses and real estates, we have never before experienced such a level of excellence.
Ana guided us through the whole process with lots of patience and respect. Not once did we feel that we were pushed in any direction. She just simply provided the information we needed to make a decision. Ana is very knowledgeable with the real estate market. And with her extensive connections and network, we ended up with an opportunity to purchase a new custom built home even before it was listed.
When it came to our time to sell, Ana proved herself again with very realistic strategies. We were amazed that she was so capable in all aspects. From being a photographer, staging, to interior design. She really does it ALL! Most importantly, our house was sold within just 10 days!
The services provided were above and beyond our expectation. She is so passionate and enthusiastic. Everybody that deals with her just loves her uplifting personality. Her goal really is simply taking care of her clients. In fact, we have already recommended her to both friends and relatives who have mentioned purchasing or selling their homes.
And our relationship doesn't end with the sales.We will not only be references for life, but also friends. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Ana!

David & Stephen

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