Niklas Berntzon

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”I am always looking to break records”

He is the top estate agent of the top estate agents and has sold Sweden’s most expensive apartment of all time. It is no surprise that he loves his job - and he confesses that he is somewhat slightly manic.
With price records in principle in all property areas, and Sweden’s record in the country’s deals rising to over SEK 100 million, he has made a considerable name for himself. As the main character in Kanal 5’s popular series “Top estate agent” you can follow his progress over two seasons.
Niklas has worked as an estate agent for 25 years and during this time has risen to become the estate agent with the highest turnover in Sweden.

What is your most important asset as an estate agent?
First and foremost perhaps is that I love my job! I tend to be enthusiastic in everything I take on. I simply never give up and I find it very easy to talk to people.

Where is your favourite lunch restaurant in Stockholm?
-Crème at Nybrogatan. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is familiar and welcoming, just how I like it. Riche and Brasserie Astoria are two other nearby favourites where I frequently tend to end up.

Which is your favourite clothes shop in Stockholm?
-I admire the designs of genius tailor, Douglas Köhlqvist. And I love NK of course, where I can find all kinds of wonderful designers, both well-established and new.

With what kind of luxuries do you tend to treat yourself occasionally?
-Travel. I love travelling and exploring places. I try to uncover new gems all the time and experience new things. And when you want to get hold of me, you will find me just a text away, irrespective of where I am in the world.

What are the best qualities you cherish in a person?
-I like people who are kind to others and who respect good values. And I like people who are quick on the uptake and have a good sense of humour.

Is there any particular invention you would like to see to simplify your life?
-I would magic away texts and e-mails just by thinking them, it would be so much faster.

What inspires you?
-I am inspired by the energy created by new young entrepreneurs, where you can still see the fire glowing and believe that all things are possible. Nothing is impossible, but the going can be tough sometimes, when people begin losing their enthusiasm and begin to get lazy. I will never be entirely satisfied and I am always striving for new records.

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