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Originally from Hong Kong, I spent my childhood in Brooklyn, and have since lived all over the NYC metro area. When my family expanded, and as my little ones became less little, we wanted the suburban experience and moved out here to the North Shore of Nassau County. Our family enjoys a plethora of offerings on Long Island: quaint towns, wonderful schools, diverse eateries, fine shopping destinations, and expansive parks and shorelines. In my spare time, I try to golf and work on my fitness goals. My greatest connection to our community was the privilege of serving and protecting Long Island as a senior public health leader for NYS DOH’s COVID-19 pandemic response.
Before my real estate career, I spent 23 years in financial services working with top private equity and alternative investment fund managers. I held senior Client Relationship, Product, and Project Management positions at firms like J.P. Morgan and State Street. This experience equipped me with a keen understanding of financial markets, data analytics, project planning, negotiation, and a strategic mindset- all which enhance my abilities as a real estate guide.
Home buying and selling is a very personal and potentially emotional experience. Although I can empathize, I can never truly feel what you feel. What I can do is provide you with loyalty and objectivity, and the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family. To get there, we will work together on a project plan starting with you defining your vision, and then moving on to identifying requirements, market exploration, plan adjustments as needed, and finally closing your deal.

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