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Back in the day, before the age of the internet, I spent many Sunday mornings scouring the tiny boxes of the Real Estate section of the newspaper. It didn't matter if I was at home in NYC, at the Beach on Long Island, or away visiting family in Florida, I studied those boxes as if I were going to be tested on them the following day. My husband was perplexed - he just couldn't understand how anyone could sit for so many hours reading those tiny boxes (and not be in the Real Estate industry)!

My Sunday morning ritual has now translated into a career! But instead of reading the tiny boxes, I now study the MLS, explore lots of homes and properties, and strive to assist my next client in whatever their real estate needs may be.

A bit more about me:
I'm a New Yorker that moved to Boulder in late 2012 from Montclair, NJ for my husbands' dream job. I had never visited Boulder and knew very little about it. Happenstance put us here, but a love for this wondrous place is keeping us here.

My husband and I own 4 rental properties in Boulder that I personally manage and care for. And no it's not too late - I purchased #4 in December of 2021. I have had great success with these investments. I am happy to share my strategy and help you find one that may work for you!

I live in the Newlands neighborhood, have 2 daughters, and a french bulldog named "Boomer". We love our neighborhood and take full advantage of having the mountain trails right outside our door.

I am a creator at heart - mostly illustrating, but I'm up for anything crafty! Prior to moving to Colorado, I had my own business for 10 years as an invitation designer. I am so glad I no longer have to sit in front of a computer all day - instead, I get to enjoy learning about others and helping them find the place they can call home.

I attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison for undergrad, and received my MBA from Baruch College with a concentration in marketing. Now that you have heard all about me, let's grab a coffee or take a hike and learn more about your next real estate move!

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