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Why Mikeli? In Mikeli we do a professional and deep analysis of the needs of our customers because the most important thing for us is get the satisfaction of them. We always look for the best professionals and we invest a lot of time to have the best price. In addition, we coordinate all services to save time in the process and be able to handle all steps at the same time. Count on us Count on us for quality customer service with the personalized attention you deserve. Our efficient and knowledgeable agents and staff can guide you on everything luxury real estate related.

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Featured Listings

Barrio San Vicente de Toranzo 13

San Vicente de Toranzo, Spain

€1,100,000 EUR

20 2
Calle de la Arnia 9

Santa Cruz de Bezana, Spain

€1,290,000 EUR

5 3
Barrio Terán 21

Terán, Spain

€790,000 EUR

3 3
Avenida de Pontejos 29

Santander, Spain

€890,000 EUR

4 2


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