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With an innate ability to recognize opportunity and develop potential, Dan Cary can’t help but get excited about selling real estate. Whether your opportunity in real estate is undeveloped, recreational, commercial or residential; working closely with you Dan will develop a perfect solution for your situation. And he has the experience to prove it.

From Rookie of the Year to Salesperson of the Year, Dan has found success selling real estate for 30 years. He loves what he does, and he has an impressive record of success to show it. From helping Mountain America Credit Union secure profitable new locations throughout Utah and Idaho to finding large ranch properties in Utah and Nevada, Dan has done it all.

One of Dan’s early starts in real estate was developing 640 acers along Utah Lake. Once he and his partners had built 180 homes, they had to make a decision either to annex to Lehi City or incorporate and create a new city. They had spent a year going through the annexation process when Gary Herbert, (then Utah County Commissioner and future Governor of Utah), persuaded them not to annex but make the development a new city. The municipal incorporation took less than 60 days, and Saratoga Springs was born!

Dan is known among colleagues for his marketing skills, strategy development and tactical work. He may even have created some very subtle positive “atmospherics” when he hired a group of wind surfers to frolic in the waters of Utah Lake during the ground-breaking of Saratoga Springs. The ground-breaking was very successful with over 100 people and then Lt. Governor Walker.

He worked with Smith’s Food & Drug as a main anchor and went on to build and lease 68,000 square feet of retail at Saratoga Crossroads. Today Saratoga Crossroads is the most successful commercial project in Saratoga Springs. Dan is currently working on another large parcel in Saratoga Springs taking it through the City approval process and bringing the buyers and sellers together.

Dan has never had a project too big or too small for him to handle and he always sees the ultimate vision of a property or project. Dan is collaborative, innovative and expert at tapping into people’s dreams and making them happen. Let Dan help you make your dreams happen at (website or You tube channel).

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