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My first transformative experience with real estate happened here in Cold Spring Harbor. I’m an Eagle Scout, and my troop, Troop 157 from East Meadow, had just finished a fifty mile canoe trip. We were looking for a service project to do to complete our Fifty Miler Award. That meant we each needed to put in 100 hours of manual labor on the land. As it happened, the late Sallie Rupert of Volunteers for Wildlife knew that the town was planning a new library on the land next to Cold Spring Harbor State Park. The land had been, sadly, used as a dumping ground. There were old car wrecks, appliances, bottles, couches, and all sorts of discarded items spread over several acres. We spent six months chopping up the wrecks, prying the refrigerators out of the mud, and dragging out anything we could tie a rope to or stuff into a trash bag. Now when I bring my kids to the Cold Spring Harbor Library, I tell them that Daddy and Grandpa helped build it. That’s really what real estate means. It’s the community we make together, and it can be wonderful.

I’ve lived in a number of communities. As a kid, I started out here on Long Island in Freeport, and then our family moved to Seaside, Oregon on the West Coast (in a school bus – my parents, George and Sue Bello, are both artists). We came back, and we lived in Bellmore. I went to Chaminade High School, and my sister Bianca went our rival, Saint Anthony’s. When I left for college at Boston University, my family moved to Oyster Bay on Kellogg Street. I spent a decade and a half in and around Boston finishing college at BU, Dental School at Tufts University, a post-doctoral program there in Dental Research, an MBA at Brandeis, and my first few years in clinical practice.

I met my wife, Julie, in Boston, we and got married in 2013. Initially she’d only seen Oyster Bay through visits in the summers and at the holidays. While she loved going sailing on the Christine, visiting Twentieth Century Cycles, and watching the horses at Caumsett State Park, she hadn’t lived here yet. She wasn’t sure she’d be as happy here as we’d been in Massachusetts. Fortunately, Oyster Bay and Long Island won her over.
We’ve been full time residents since 2017. Our three kids, Henry, James, and Thomas love it too. We’re members of Restoration Farm in Old Bethpage and Goodale Farms in Riverhead. You can find me practicing dentistry at Sachem Dental Group on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the rest of the week you can find me with Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty.

If you’ve lived on Long Island, you know how many hidden treasures we have here. If you’re new to the area, well, you’ve got some great surprises in store.

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