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Erica moved to the North Fork in 1994 with her mother, father, and two sisters. She has since lived in Mattituck, graduated from Mattituck High School, and has not only become an active member in the community, but has fallen in love with the atmosphere and character of the North Fork. Erica graduated from SUNY Cortland with a bachelor’s degree in English. With a passion for the English language she has learned to appreciate the rewards of expression and the power of communication. Erica prides herself in being an avid listener with an open mind and these skills are the foundation to devising a effective method to find a property that best suits the individual and unique wants and needs of her client. Erica traveled solo to Spain with a program called CIEE where she volunteered to teach English in a small pueblo and lived with a Spanish host family for four months. During these four months abroad she not only had the opportunity to travel to multiple cities in Spain, but also to other countries such as France, Italy and Portugal. The significance of this trip is endless in regards to appreciation and respect for different lifestyles within the United States, and how to value and re In the real estate field, it is very important to acknowledge that others interests may be based on a different way of life, and it is even more important to respect those unique desires as if they were your own. It is evident that Erica's open minded mentality only became more profound through her travels. No matter what city or country traveled, Erica continuously found herself infatuated with the North Fork. Growing up on the North Fork she tried and enjoyed practically every activity you could think of, from boating and fishing, swimming at the beaches, bicycling in the parks, pumpkin and apple picking, and everything in-between. Now, she appreciates much more the beauty and elegance of the vineyards, and the rare ability to enjoy a drive around to the local farm stands to stock up on delicious local produce. Erica have gained insight about the way that people want to live around the world, and also realized how grateful she is to live on the North Fork. Erica has clearly grown so passionate about the North Fork that she needed to find some place to become involved, and what better place than real estate!

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