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People ask me to describe what I do

I respond that my job and desire is to Make Dreams Come True!

Whether you want to sell a condo or a castle; My goal is to provide you with excellent, full service representation. This is based on both integrity and honesty. I focus on your needs, making the process easy for you!

It gives me great pride to say that the majority of my business comes from friends, family and repeat clients. My area of expertise is mainly in the Los Angeles marketplace but I've worked in outlying neighborhoods as well.

I've been an active real estate agent since 2002 and love every minute of it!!! Although there are many challenges and hard work is a requirement I find this business inspiring, fun and that it has a great return on my investment. What you should know is that hard work and pressure don't scare me as I have served as a control tower captain in the Israeli Air Force. I was 20 when I came to the United States and have owned 12 fashion boutiques around the state. Talk about pressure; I delivered a baby with no epidural!!!

My family has history in business and in art. People that know me say that I've inherited both! As a matter of fact, I've been called The Artistic Negotiator.

I am fluent in the languages of Hebrew, Spanish and English. Also, I can understand some Japanese, Pilipino, Tai, French and even Sign Language!

I've chosen to affiliate with Rodeo Realty which I feel is a one of a kind brokerage. It has a boutique style yet is a household name that works with properties in any price range: Even ultra high-end estates! I have assistance through my broker seven days a week. We even have in-house loan and escrow services.

Anything else

Yes! I am committed to making your real estate experience the best you'll find...whether you are buying or selling.

Let's meet for a free consultation at your house or at any of the Rodeo Realty offices around the Southland; Coffee is on me!!!


For you, no walls, always on my cell!!!

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