Haylie Henry

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A Texas native and current Frisco resident, Haylie Henry feels strongly about finding a home that works for her clients, their families and their lifestyle. Her innate passion and strong knowledge base are invaluable to her success in discovering a new home for her clients
Haylie created and serves as the Vice President for Bronco Entertainment, LLC, a music and hospitality asset management company. Bronco Entertainment has been involved with numerous philanthropic projects that reflect her deep admiration and respect for our United States Military Veterans. She is also actively involved with animal rescue and fostering.
A result of growing up in many of the top Dallas kitchens with her mother, a highly respected chef, is that she loves to discover new, trendy restaurants and chefs. Haylie understands the importance of the “heart” of the home and is always on the hunt for the perfect kitchen for her clients.
In her free time, Haylie enjoys the beautiful North Texas weather, pond hopping in local fishing holes and biking in the naturally beautiful trails that the DFW community has to offer.
Haylie looks forward to a future of finding or selling homes with her clients as their needs and desires evolve.

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