Aventure Realty Network


Aventure™ Realty Network unites the finest independent brokerages across Canada. Outstanding real estate services are delivered nationwide by companies that demonstrate a vested interest in their communities, and that share a customer-centric approach and service ability.

National Vision, Local Focus

The breadth of our network is national, but the focus of each of our member brokerages is very much local. Their roots in the community, flexible style and personalized approach are only further strengthened by the many advantages Aventure™ has to offer. With access to over 1100 markets across Canada, instant connections to a powerful group of like-minded, top-tier brokerage owners, and collaboration opportunities through established global corporate relocation relationships, Aventure™ members are able to offer superior services to their clients.

The Aventure™ Philosophy

Our company is founded on the belief that the most competitive, successful and valued group in the real estate market is one that leverages the independent brands of its members, rather than obliging the adoption of a single brand regardless of individual member identities. Aventure™’s primary focus is to support and strengthen the individual brands of each of its members through:

• Expanded reach
• A proven Canada-wide referral platform
• Improved recruitment and retention capabilities
• Business building opportunities
• Influential connections with collaborative, communicative and talented real estate professionals across the country

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