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Kiki is a native of Western Michigan and Chicago suburbs. She received an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Illinois and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Michigan State University. Kiki worked in corporate finance before settling in Telluride: Ford Motor Company in Dearborn and Detroit, MI; AlliedSignal/Honeywell in Kansas City, New Jersey, and briefly, Phoenix; Six Flags theme parks at their New Jersey headquarters and an equipment leasing startup called WiredCapital in the San Francisco Area. Kiki's family bought a home in Telluride during the late 70's and she has been a part time resident here ever since. During her "corporate" years she discovered that she had a real passion for real estate. The lure of Telluride finally won out over "the real world" in 2000, and real estate was the natural choice for her in this beautiful corner of the world. She currently lives in the Town of Telluride with her 10 year old daughter. Kiki enjoys skiing, hiking, hanging out by the San Miguel, and just enjoying this amazing place.

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