Gitty Ruehman

Gitty Ruehman

REALTOR® / Professional Home Stager

Gitty Ruehman

REALTOR® / Professional Home Stager


Gitty received her degree in Interior design from UCLA and has been a real estate agent since 1999. She and her family have lived and loved California for over 43 years, and as a full time agent she works hard for each of her clients. When listing your property with Gitty, you receive the benefit from her marketing, negotiation, and communication skills. Her knowledge of the market combined with her determination and dedication to her clients needs, are essential elements that enable Gitty to provide her clients with the very best level of service and support. Additionally, as a professional home stager (Member Of AHSC), Gitty has an eye for detail and is able to assist her clients in realizing the full potential of each property. Trust in Gitty to help make your home-selling process a painless one. www.gitty4homes.com .
Email: SOLD@gitty4homes.com . Testimonial letter from Past clients:
"Buying a home was such a wonderful experience with Gitty. We met Gitty while looking for homes in the valley. She wasn’t a referral nor did we know her at all prior to doing business! But when we met her, she got our contact information and quickly followed up with us. We immediately felt comfortable with her and got a sense that she would take care of us. Gitty is not your typical realtor, meaning she won’t sell you a house just to get a commission. She really asked us about our current needs and future goals. She showed us houses that are well below our minimum range but had good potential because she knows that my husband is a DIY guy and cautioned us when we were looking at houses that were well above our price range. She looked out for our best interest and made sure we were buying a home that was right for us. And we did buy the home that was right for us. We love our new home! It’s in the perfect location and perfect for my growing family. Gitty is not your typical realtor. She is more of a consultant who really looks after your best interest. She’s very professional and genuinely caring. You would want her on your side when buying or selling your home."
-Scott and Bernice Brennan

"My husband and I worked with Gitty last year to purchase our first home in Sherman Oaks, and we had a truly wonderful experience. The real estate market in Los Angeles can be overwhelming, but Gitty made the process much less stressful due to her expertise and knowledge of market trends. She also has a very genuine nature, and we never doubted that she had our best interest at heart - which was very important because purchasing a home is a significant financial AND emotional investment. Gitty was not only helpful during the process of looking for, and buying, a home, but she has since kept in touch to help us manage all of the post-purchase issues that come up: looking for maintenance support, understanding and making the most of our warranty, etc. We will use Gitty again in the future, and recommend her wholeheartedly"
-Sara And Frank Vicendese

"I'm writing this letter as a reference for Gitty Ruehman. In Sept '13 my Mother,who is in her 80's and lives out of state, wanted to buy me a home in Calabasas to be close to my kid's school, activities, etc. I start with that to explain that this was not going to be easily transacted from the get-go in terms of logistics alone. I gave Gitty an idea of what I was looking for and that all I knew was that my Mother wanted to do this for me but I truly didn't have any particulars of how this was going to take place. Was there to be a Mortgage, would it be in my Mother's name and I'd pay rent, would it be purchased outright and she'd own it but will it to me? I had none of these questions answered and didn't know how to go about asking them as my Mother's and my relationship has taken a very long time to become a close one. Bottom line was I had to practically completely step out of the equation and trust that Gitty would deal with my Mother in all matters and make it as easy for her as possible. She found a property very quickly that met my needs, put together an offer, worked out all my Mother's wishes that I would hold title when it was over and that I truly liked the home. This property immediately had multiple offers and Gitty moved everything through with the offer lightening fast! She spoke, faxed, emailed with my Mother all day to put together an all cash offer with a 10 day escrow. She was patient and compassionate with my Mother and yet kept everything moving without my Mother feeling pressured. Any problem that came up Gitty was on immediately and structured our offer to be as appetizing as possible because my only request when I found out this was to be a full cash situation and put in my name was that we would NOT get into a bidding war, I wasn't going to put my Mother through that. So it truly took some real finesse because she wrote a perfect quick doable deal and they came back asking for more. Again, I had to step completely out of this whole thing and trust Gitty's judgement. In the end we went up only $5000 to get it signed, sealed and delivered! My Mother was very happy with Gitty's abilities as was I. There were other issues that came up out of nowhere and she was on it and handled everything! I will end this by saying Gitty didn't just do the paperwork, she absolutely handled everything with kindness and compassion but also a precision-like way of making sure our interests were met on all levels and I not only would recommend her but I am grateful to have had her on this. I can't imagine many people being able to do what she did for my family…….and this isn't my 1st rodeo! I've owned a number of homes in Calabasas, Topanga, Woodland Hills, and West Hills all of which were of a much higher dollar amount and yet I didn't get nearly the service on those homes that I got in buying this one"
-Judi Miller

"This letter is regarding the experience I had working with my real estate broker, Gitty Ruehman, in purchasing our home a few years ago. My husband and I were very impressed with Gitty’s professionalism, her commitment to her clients, her sense of urgency, and her pleasant manner during the entire process. As we all know, home-buying process could be a challenging one, with many factors involved. Gitty made the experience a pleasant one by making sure there were no surprises along the way, and no last minute challenges. Once we moved to our new home, Gitty continued to add her value and special touch, by offering to help with decorating our home. She is a pleasure to work with and my husband and I have recommended her to many friends and family members"
-Mandana Sadigh

"This Is a letter to recommend Gitty Ruehman as an outstanding real estate salesperson. Gitty sold my home and found a new one about twelve years ago and then, later, helped me buy another home almost ten years ago. She is energetic, hard working, dependable, and has so much to offer to anyone looking for a home. I say this because aside from listening carefully abut your wants, needs, likes, and dislikes, she has a knack for looking at a property and envisioning how it will look with your furniture. She also is filled with decorating ideas. Gitty has such a flair for style! Once Gitty has found the perfect property for you, she makes the hum-drum paperwork and closing formalities seem easy. She is always there to protect her client and ensure an easy transaction into your new home. I highly recommend Gitty for the position you are considering , as she will make a difference that counts."
-Margie Clebanoff

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