In the fall of 1992, Gwen and her family came to Los Cabos on what was supposed to be a 1 year vacation. Although growing up in Redondo Beach, CA had made her accustomed to warm weather and beautiful shores, the feeling in San Jose del Cabo was something different than she had ever experienced while traveling before. It wasn’t long into their trip though that she realized that the ‘something different’ was actually something very familiar… it was the feeling of being home. Thus began the longest vacation in the history of Baja. A short three years later, Gwen embarked on her Los Cabos real estate career by working for Don Koll at the original Palmilla resort development project. Since then, she has earned the well deserved reputation of being an expert in all things Palmilla and as a go-to person for potential buyers and sellers to consult with on such matters. Her intimate knowledge of the community and the surrounding area has also made her a top choice for land speculators as her ability to smoothly guide the process from site acquisition to design, development, finishing and ultimately to sale has proven time and time again to be invaluable. This is evidenced in the high number of long term relationships that she has with clients as well as by the number of referrals that she receives every year. When Snell Real Estate took over the listings for Palmilla in 2004, Gwen coming on board made for a perfect fit as she hit the ground running and never looked back. And although she is proud of consistently being one of Snell’s top producers, the real source of her pride lies in her aptitude for pinpointing the perfect property for each of her buyers. Gwen feels there’s no better way to welcome someone into a new community than by doing so with care, honesty and integrity and that, when using this tenet as a guide, she knows that she’s doing everything she can to meet her clients’ needs. Above all, Gwen places her love of Los Cabos and its people as the ongoing reason that she loves what she does so much. It’s also the reason that, even after two decades of her living here, it never ceases to feel like the vacation that it started out to be. - See more at:

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