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Vip Vipperman is a bilingual business leader and savvy real estate professional with a successful track record in the international environment. Having lived in Asia for 9 years, Vip speaks Mandarin Chinese fluently and has extensive experience with international business leaders. Globally minded and tech savvy, Vip communicates regularly with his network across the globe about the investment and relocation opportunities in the DFW Metroplex. Vip also is very aware of the needs that international leaders have for their families and has planned and hosted multiple trips for Asian business leaders to Dallas. He introduced them not only to key local business leaders, but also to great schools to educate their children for a better future, great restaurants to meet their ever important need to eat well, and great shopping. Driven by integrity and ethics, Vip seeks to provide his clients with the extraordinary service they deserve and help them discover the home or investment that is the answer to their needs and desires. Just like many of Vip's clients, he is not a native of the area, but has developed many wonderful and rewarding relationships here, as he has become a part of the community. Vip and his family of 5 stay active in their community and church in the north part of the Metroplex where they live and enjoy the newest shopping areas, schools, and amenities that are all a part of the fastest and greatest growth areas in Texas and beyond. 唐维新是一位双语商界领袖,熟知国际房地产市场情形,有着出色的成功从业记录。唐维新曾在亚洲生活九年,能够熟练使用汉语,并且有着丰富的与国际商界领袖往来的经验。凭借着自己全球化的视角和对科技的掌握,唐维新频繁的向他在全世界的人脉网络传递有关在达拉斯沃斯堡大都会区投资和定居等机会的信息。 唐维新也非常清楚国际商界领袖家庭的需要,并先后多次组织和接待亚洲的商界领袖到达拉斯旅行。他不单向他们介绍认识当地主要的商人和企业家,也推荐优秀的学校让他们的孩子有一个更美好的未来,而且还让他们能够在当地有名的饭店享受美食,并带他们满享购物的乐趣。 一直以来,唐维新持守诚信的美德,坚持要为客户提供最卓越的服务,努力帮助他们找到能够满足自身需要和愿望的房屋和投资机遇。 和他很多的客户一样,唐维新也并非在这里土生土长,但却已经在当地建立起了非常广泛成熟的人脉关系,完全融入到了这座城市的生活当中。 唐维新和妻子及三个孩子如今生活在大都会区北部,他们积极参与所在社区和教会的活动,在德克萨斯州最具发展潜力和最快发展势头的地方享受着这里新颖的购物中心,学校和各种优良设施。

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