Gardner Realtors Rolls Out Brand Refresh and New Technology, New Signage and Branding to Bring Gardner Realtors into the next 75 years


Gardner Realtors LogoNEW ORLEANS, LA ­­– Gardner Realtors is celebrating its 75th year in business with a brand refresh. Since it was founded by Gertrude Gardner in 1943, Gardner Realtors’ brand has evolved into the most established and successful local real estate company in the region and the company’s brand refresh reflects this growth. The ultimate goal of the update is to highlight Gardner’s local roots and client-centric culture with a clean and noticeable design appealing to buyers and sellers today and moving into the next 75 years. 

"My grandmother Gertrude Gardner was years ahead of her time, establishing a home-grown real estate company with a focus on our neighbors. Gardner Realtors Just like Gertrude taught us, we put relationships first and stay true to our values and I’m proud that this tradition is reflected in our current branding,” says President Glenn Gardner.

When revitalizing the Gardner brand, the executive team reviewed its current logo and branding as well as past logos and signage to find a cohesive look that represented the tradition of Gardner Realtors’ past as well as the innovation of the future. The new logo retains the iconic Gardner “Sold Dome” and returns to a simplified design featuring clean lines and simple fonts, evident in early versions of the company’s brand. Gardner’s signature colors of red and gold are also retained in the updated branding along with the introduction of a modern teal color used for sign accents and riders.

“We were very careful with our brand refresh, says Vice President Crystal Gardner-Phillips, “We don’t want to be trendy because trends come and go. We want to embrace innovation that fosters meaningful relationships, great client experiences and seamless real estate transactions. We want to be timeless...because that’s the kind of company we are!”

Technologically, Gardner continues to lead the industry with a focus on innovative tools to provide its Realtors and clients with unrivaled support and services. This latest update includes sign riders that give a “voice” to the home, highlighting its finest feature with signage like “see my chef’s kitchen” and “I have gorgeous finishes!” Through geo-location technology, potential clients using the Gardner Realtors app can point their phone at the sign and be transported into the interior of the home for an instant virtual tour.

Vice President Chip Gardner explains, “Gardner Realtors’ mission is to help people create the life they love. We achieve this by continuing to innovate with new technology, global connections, expert training and now a refreshed brand that will help our Realtors grow their businesses and broadly appeal to more buyers and sellers both now and in the future.”

About Gardner Realtors

Gardner Realtors is the leading local, full-service real estate company in the Greater New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Mississippi Gulf Coast Region. Known as the local real estate expert with global connections for 75 years, Gardner continues to operate under family leadership, providing the best quality real estate services while adhering to its founding principle- The Golden Rule. To contact Gardner Realtors, visit, call 800-566-7801 or engage with them on Facebook or Instagram.