Jock Langley and Tim Derham of Abercromby's Real Estate sell Majestic Residence for $5,550,000


1415899511VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA - Jock Langley and Tim Derham of Abercromby's Real Estate have sold another luxurious residence in Melbourne. The Milford has been a significant residence since the 1890s, with beautifully preserved Italianate Victorian aesthetics and extravagance that relfects the city's golden age complimented by consummate modern comfort. This estate evokes luxury with majestic entertaining areas - from the grand dining room to a fantastic billiards room and a warm family living area that opens into a gas heated swimming pool alongside a blue-stone paved backdrop. The residence has abundance of art and culture, such as irreplacable stained glass windows, John Patrick designed gardens, and endless decorative architecture throughout the elaborately designed rooms. The property, which includes a romantic tower that can survey the entire city, was sold for $5,550,000.














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