Broker Q&A: Luca Giovannelli - Casaitalia International


1414543132Luca Giovannelli, chief executive officer of Casaitalia International, shares how he got his start in real estate and the path his career has taken since. Casaitalia serves on the Luxury Real Estate Board of Regents and his company was the recipient of the Best Brand Integration award in 2008.

How did you get your start in real estate? It all began in 1979, when my father, Adolfo, chanced to help a relative buy a property in Umbria and received his first, unexpected commission. He enjoyed the experience so much that he decided to change his technical studio into an estate agency. Spoleto, at that time, had only two agencies, one of which was associated with Grimaldi, an important Italian brand. He went to talk with the owner and asked to buy the agency for a sum of money which he did not have, and therefore took out a loan aimed at this new activity.

What path has your career taken? Initially, the agency focused on residential real estate in the city, shortly becoming the reference for the purchase and sale of properties. On the occasion of a meeting, my father met an English colleague who had moved from London to Umbria and began a collaboration to present our Italian properties to foreign buyers.

In the meantime, in Spoleto, many agencies opened up in a relatively restricted market, which were rarely open to collaboration. On the other hand, the request on the part of foreign clients grew and spread to other areas in Umbria and then in all of Italy.

It became necessary to take another step on the occasion of my entrance in agency. We decided to leave the local market and dedicate ourselves to a niche market, aimed at the selection of the best properties in the best locations; first in Tuscany, then in the rest of Italy.

In 2001, we become part of Sotheby's International Realty, which we have represented for several years, during which we have had the opportunity to build relationships with major national and international colleagues. In 2002, we became part of the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate network in which we are the Regents member for Italy.

Why is your company successful? It is our attention and ability to grasp the signs of change, to see alternatives and opportunities that are almost always hiding behind even the most difficult times.Our conviction is the rapport between people that makes the difference, with clients, collaborators and colleagues.Our passion and curiosity for new technology can have an enormous effect on relationships. It is our network, in a broad sense, which multiplies our contacts and, therefore, our opportunities.

What are your favorite parts of your job? The artistry and attention to detail in the presentation of the properties along with the human relationships and stimuli which are always new with every different client, as is the variety of architecture and the Italian territory. I like to explore new places, to meet interesting people from all over the world who are ambassadors of cultures and ways of life which are sometimes very different from ours. We see the same world with different eyes.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? I like to walk in the mountains. I like to have direct contact with nature, to hear the silence, alone. I love photography, technology, but also physical labor, gardening, doing Raku ceramic modeling and working with wood. Every now and then I like to take a trip with my bicycle, a tent and a few good friends.

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