Warburg Realty® Honors Longest Serving Brokers for Their Commitment and Dedication to the Firm


1406242669NEW YORK, NY – Frederick Warburg Peters, president of Warburg Realty®, one of Manhattan’s leading residential real estate companies, honored the firm’s most tenured agents for their service to the company at its recent quarterly meeting.

During the event, Peters recognized the following 11 agents who have spent 25 or more years with Warburg Realty:

  • Sheila Trichter – 30 years
  • Jane Andrews – 29 years
  • Wendy Greenbaum – 28 years
  • Bonnie Chajet – 28 years
  • Ronnie Lane – 28 years
  • Linda Reiner – 27 years
  • Judith Thorn – 27 years
  • Andrea Daniels – 27 years
  • Marcia Chesler – 27 years
  • Adrienne Caplan – 27 years
  • June Gottlieb – 25 years

“Warburg Realty is a values driven organization first and foremost, choosing ethical behavior and relationship building over the relentless pursuit of the deal at any price, and these longstanding agents personify this belief,” Peters stated. “We are committed to maintaining our unique internal culture, based on a low agent to manager ratio, a high level of training in the fundamentals and complexities of our business, and zero tolerance for actions which push outside the parameters of fair dealing.”

Sheila Trichter is Warburg Realty’s longest serving broker, having joined the company in 1984. She is among the top-selling real estate brokers in New York City. Her 30 years of experience have helped her cultivate a deep understanding of the Manhattan market, along with an insider's perspective that is uncommon in scope. An astute negotiator known for her fun, personal style, she consistently engineers the highest price for her sellers and the best deal for her buyers, and no broker has had more success getting her clients through the toughest co-op boards in the city.

About Warburg Realty®

Warburg Realty® is one of Manhattan’s leading luxury residential real estate firms, founded in 1896 by Albert B. Ashforth. The company has a long-standing tradition of extraordinary service that has kept it at the forefront of New York real estate for over 100 years. The firm’s 125 brokers are strategically located throughout Manhattan to guarantee every Warburg client the quickest access to New York’s finest properties and purchasers. Warburg recently opened its new 7,000-square-foot flagship location at 654 Madison Avenue, also housing its state-of-the-art Warburg University training facility. For more information, please visit www.warburgrealty.com.