Broker Q&A: Brian Hazen – Coldwell Banker Mason Morse


1405467018Brian Hazen, Vice President of Coldwell Banker Mason Morse in Aspen, Colorado is in the business of “dream fulfillment”. Brian is the recipient of several Luxury Real Estate awards including Significant Sales, Billionaires Club and Master Networker. Learn more about the path his career has taken and what makes his company so successful.

How did you get started in real estate? After graduating with a degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1971, I decided to forego my plan to continue on to law school.... and take a break from my pursuit of "higher education". Visiting Aspen for a day during a ski trip to Vail in the spring of ’72, I fell in love with this beautiful mountain community and moved here later that Fall. After five years working at various jobs and enjoying superb recreation with Aspen's vibrant social life, I decided to get serious about settling down and building a solid business plan. Having been exposed to real estate some years earlier when my Dad had done some land development in Wisconsin lake country, I decided that selling high priced mountain real estate might be a way to stay and prosper in the place I loved. I secured my Colorado Real Estate license and began my quest in the fall of ’77 with Coates Reid and Waldron Real Estate. I was fortunate to sell a $150,000 condominium within two months ...... and I was off and running. My commission was approximately 50% of my life savings.... I was in heaven! I subsequently made a dozen more sales by the end of 1973 and believed I had found my calling, at least for the foreseeable future.

What path has your career taken? Over 35 years later, I am still selling high priced luxury real estate in the community I love. I have been blessed with the additional good fortune of raising a family with my beautiful wife, Brigid....son Will and daughter Alex. My career path has pointed more toward national and international sales interest and an active role in worldwide organizations such as Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, the Board of Regents and Previews International. I have also had the opportunity to volunteer time on advisory boards such as Luxury Real Estate’s Board of Regents Executive Committee, University of Wisconsin Economics Department Alumni Advisory Board, The Aspen Historical Society's Capital Budget Committee and the Aspen Education Foundation, etc. As my children have high school and college ahead of them, I plan to continue listing and selling, share my time with non-profits and international interests for the coming years.

Why is your company successful? Coldwell Banker Mason Morse was founded in Aspen in 1961 and is the longest running real estate brokerage in the Roaring Fork Valley. Straightforward honest dialogue, long term relationships, market knowledge and community support are inherent in our formula for success. Our core values of collaboration, integrity, service, success and stability guide us day in and day out. We are consistent in our focus and believe strongly in community sharing.

What are your favorite parts of your job? Building long term relationships with the wide variety of clients who visit this incredible international community. Combined with the ability to share our world class recreation, culture and food is a formula that continues to motivate and excite me. A friend and client once told me that I was in the business of “dream fulfillment"...... bringing together buyers and sellers to realize their dreams is very satisfying.

What do you enjoy outside of work? I am an avid and active golfer and skier, I love to travel, read books and am an overall sports enthusiast. Lately I have become more active in organizations such as The Aspen Institute, where my wife and I are "Fellows".... and support of education through the aforementioned Advisory Board and The Bascom Hill Society at my alma mater (UW Madison) and The Aspen Education Foundation during these harsh budgetary times.