Peter Kempf International Unveils New Real Estate Sales Technology at Real Trends Gathering of Eagles Conference


1401734895At this year’s REAL Trends Gathering of Eagles conference at the Los Colinas Four Seasons Resort near Dallas, REAL Trends announced the addition of Clearview Elite to their coveted Business Accelerator program.

REAL Trends, Inc. is a communications and consulting company considered to be the leading source of analysis and information on the residential brokerage and housing industry.

Based in Denver, Colorado, REAL Trends has more than 30 years of continual growth, and continues to provide real estate professionals with new and innovative resources on the latest industry trends and strategies for the future.

Clearview Elite is a smart, yet simple lead response system designed to impress real estate buyers and provide a competitive advantage for luxury real estate developers, brokers and agents. Clearview Elite creates beautiful and compelling presentations, for their clients. The Presentations are instantly and automatically delivered to potential buyers of luxury real estate upon request.

Sales agents know the instant Presentations are sent, the moment they are opened, how often and by whom. Clearview Elite provides the critical information needed for sales agents to respond to the right leads at the right time saving wasted hours and making sales teams much more efficient. Sales agents don’t spend a lot of time at a desk, so the Package analytics can be received via email alerts and notifications on their iPhones with the Clearview Elite Mobile app.

Clearview Elite satisfies a very strong need in the luxury real estate sales arena, explains Bob Bill, Vice President of Real Trends. A smart yet very easy tool designed to improve lead response time, sales engagement rates and win more listings using impressive real estate presentations. There isn’t any one company or product that we have seen that has put together a solution like Clearview has.”

“It’s a very clever offering, Clearview builds impressive property and luxury listing presentations for their clients and then provides a beautifully simple editor so clients can make quick changes as they need to on their own,” says Travis Saxton, Marketing and Technology Director for Real Trends. “We think it’s a game changer, and they’ve priced it to be very affordable. All Business Accelerator companies pass a rigorous test to be accepted into the program and we are happy to accept Clearview Elite."

Selection as a Business Accelerator participant at REAL Trends is no easy feat. The vetting process for entrance into the program is extensive and includes a full technology profile, product review and team review. Clearview Elite is one of only six companies to pass this test and enter the program. The company’s leadership including Bob Bill, the company’s Vice President and Travis Saxton, Marketing and Technology executive, both evaluated Clearview Elite personally with multiple one-on-one product demos and evaluations of Clearview Elite’s current client list, goals and forecasts.

“Not only are we excited to be a part of the Business Accelerator Program, we’re thrilled that real estate experts and industry veterans and like Bob and Travis vetted our solution and found it to be a game changer in our industry,” said Eric Pierce, Founder and Partner of Clearview Elite.

Mr. Pierce is also a Partner at Peter Kempf International Real Estate, a full service sales and marketing firm for luxury real estate developments around the world. Clearview Elite is designed primarily for the luxury real estate segment and is currently used by all clients of Peter Kempf International including exclusive luxury developments in The United States, Costa Rica, Argentina, The Bahamas, Bermuda, and Italy.

“Buyers and sellers of luxury properties are multi national, highly mobile and appreciate information that is digital, works on mobile devices and received quickly. They also recognize information that has the look of luxury to which they relate,” said Peter Kempf, Founder and CEO of Peter Kempf International.