Intero Foundation Supports 10 More Bay Area Non-Profits


1401731443CUPERTINO, CA – On May 15th, the Intero Foundation issued their second round of grants of the year directed towards the California communities of Los Altos, San Carlos, and San Mateo area. In 2002, the leaders of Intero Real Estate Services, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate and wholly owned subsidiary of HomeServices of America, Inc., founded the Intero Foundation to be a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children in the communities local to where Intero conducts business.

1401731552Over a decade later, the Foundation empowers a diversity of organizations that positively impact the education and personal development of children. Through Intero’s agents, employees and fundraising events, the Foundation has generated over $3 million with an endowment of more than $775,000 and given away $130,000 in 2014 so far.

In order to sustain its commitment to giving back to the community, each quarter, the Intero Foundation presents grants to non-profits that have been approved by the Foundation Committee. This second quarter round of grants were brought to the foundation by Intero’s offices located in Los Altos, San Carlos, and San Mateo. A total of $65,000 split amongst the following organizations:

1. Achieve Kids - Provides individualized and multi-disciplinary programs that deliver special education, mental health, and family support to children who have complex and often severe developmental, emotional, and behavioral challenges. The Intero Los Altos Office presented $5,000 to support the hands-on training of children in daily living skills such as taking public transportation, ordering meals at a restaurant, and buying groceries.

2. Grateful Garment - Reduces any further negative impact on victims of sexual violence and human sex trafficking. The Intero Los Altos Office presented $8,000 for the purchase of clothing, food, and toiletries to minor victims of sexual assault; prevention education and training; and administrative expenses (supplies, storage, telephone, mileage, etc.) within the Santa Clara County.

3. KARA Grief Counseling – Provides a safe and caring environment where children, teens, families and adults can come for grief support. The Intero Los Altos Office presented $7,000 to support their summer camp for low-income and at-risk youth, Camp Erin.

4. Morgan Autism Center – Provides individualized education for kids and adults with autism. The Intero Los Altos office presented $7,000 for their art and music program as part of the organizations enrichment programs.

5. CASA of San Mateo - Ensures all abused and neglected children under the protection of the court in San Mateo County have a consistent and caring adult who speaks on their behalf and helps them reach their full potential. The Intero San Carlos Office presented $7,000 to assist in the training and screening of volunteers.

6. Family Connections – Provides early childhood education programs and services to low-income families in a parent-child cooperative style. The Intero San Carlos office presented $5,000 to help fund their Kindergarten Readiness Program.

7. Nature Bridge - Educates youth on the subjects of science and the environment at campuses in national parks with the goal of inspiring a personal connection to nature and the responsibility to sustain it. The Intero San Carlos office presented $7,000 for disadvantaged students, grades K-12, in Redwood City and East Palo Alto to learn at Yosemite National Park and be transformed by the experience.

8. Friends of the HMB Library – Supports the Half Moon Bay Library through enhancement programs including a summer reading program for children. The Intero San Mateo office presented $7,000 to allow at-risk 2nd and 3rd graders to attend their summer reading program.

9. Project Read – Redwood City Friends of Literacy – A volunteer based literacy tutoring and training program for children, adults and families. The Intero San Mateo office presented $5,000 for the Kids In Partnership program which matches academically at-risk teen tutors with struggling elementary school students.

10. Vida Verde Nature Education – Provides free overnight environmental learning experiences to low-income, inner-city students. The Intero San Mateo office presented $7,000 so a class of 4th graders from Bayshore Elementry School in Daly City can have the opportunity to go on a trip to Vida Verde.

The Intero Foundation is always seeking to expand the culture of giving. To apply for a grant for your non-profit organization, follow the grant application guidelines here.

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About the Intero Foundation

Funded, promoted and governed by Intero agents and employees, the Intero Foundation is a non–profit organization guided by the principle that one must give in order to receive and committed to helping children in need. Since its inception in 2002, the organization has raised more than $3 million and has supported over 140 charities that positively impact the growth and well-being of children in need.

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