Broker Q&A: Rob Thomson – Waterfront Properties and Club Communities

1388445538JUPITER, FL – Rob Thomson, Managing Partner of Waterfront Properties and Club Communities in Southeast Florida, is the youngest member of the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate network to be inducted into the illustrious ‘Billionaire’s Club.’ He has also won awards for Best Industry Networking, Master Networker, and recently earned high honors as one of the nation’s top 38 Realtors. Below you’ll learn what his favorite parts of his job are, and what he enjoys doing outside of work.

How did you get your start in real estate? As a child I grew up riding in my mom’s car while she was selling real estate and never knew the whole time I was getting the education of a life time.

What path has your career taken? I started doing rentals 25 years ago and eventually became my mother’s partner.

Why is your company successful? We have a staff of brilliant dedicated people. Our whole company operates like a big team or family.

What are your favorite parts of your job? Working with many people that are like family to me and having many of my family members at the office. I love the coaching of agents and helping them grow.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Fishing in the Bahamas with my family.

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