Rimontgó Celebrates Its 50th Birthday With a Book

There is a saying that proclaims that it is impossible to discern the road ahead clearly until one acknowledges the previous path taken.

Unknown 1If this is truly the case, then Rimontgó has acted wisely by compiling a beautifully designed book that details the company’s history, from 1890 when Mateo Ribes Simó, great grandfather of the Ribes brothers, set up a business to export fruit to different parts of Europe, to the breathtaking international properties that currently comprise its enviable portfolio.

Founded in 1959 by José Ribes Buigues and his father, José Ribes Bas Senior, Rimontgó soon gained a reputation as a reliable and ethical family firm, first selling property in the Jávea area then extending to other areas of Spain before acquiring an international focus.

The three brothers José, Antonio and Eduardo have continued their father and grandfather’s sterling work increasingly involving themselves in the company from 1979, planning new construction, rentals, sales and renovation projects. By this time José and Antonio, who started their careers by working alongside bricklayers and office staff to learn the ropes, were uniquely equipped to take on the management role.

During its successful 50 years of trading Rimontgó has helped thousands of happy clients to find their perfect home, so the air of celebration that surrounded its half-century was entirely justified.

Rimontgó’s anniversary book chronicles, in both Spanish and English, the company’s history and offers a tantalising glimpse of some of the amazing properties it handles.

With a philosophy that promotes the virtues of continuity and learning, a successful future is assured. As the Ribes brothers say, the age of a company can be measured in the number of economic recessions it has withstood.

If this is the case, then Rimontgó will certainly face its centenary in a position of even greater strength.