Fay Ranches is Pleased to Announce the Sale of Ringling Ranch II, Listed for $3.3M, Represented by Kebi Smith


1707335221EKALAKA, MT USA - Fay Ranches sold Ringling Ranch II and its 4,444 ± deeded acres within the heart of eastern Montana, standing as a true prairie gem. This expansive and unblemished property unveils an extraordinary grassland ecosystem, offering a rare and captivating window into the untamed beauty of this region. Ringling Ranch II distinguishes itself through its unwavering dedication to conservation and preservation.


Dominated by its sprawling grasslands, softly undulating hills, and expansive skies, Ringling Ranch II has become a sanctuary for native and migratory wildlife, embodying its commitment to fostering and safeguarding the natural environment. The importance of water, often likened to a ranch's lifeblood, is abundantly evident here, sourced through wells, pipelines, seasonal creeks, and reservoirs. This intricate network of water sources serves as a lifeline for the resident livestock and the vibrant wildlife populations that call this place home. Find more Montana properties for sale by Fay Ranches.


For more information, please contact:

Kebi Smith at 406-671-2436 or ksmith@fayranches.com