Adfenix to Rise Again as Realforce


1680030747GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN - Following two key acquisitions, Real Estate marketing company, Adfenix, adopts a new name as a first-of-its-kind Marketing Operations platform for real estate.

Used by thousands of real estate brokerages around the world, Adfenix has long been known for its high-performing social media advertising campaigns and lead-generation capabilities.

In acquiring customer data company Quedro, and media management company Brandkeeper over the last 18 months, Adfenix made it clear that it had ambitions beyond social media advertising.

The new Realforce product universe is engineered to provide support to the underappreciated marketing team, tasked with supporting real estate agents with their marketing needs.

Organized, automated, AI-powered and data-backed, Realforce puts the power in the hands of the marketers to provide first-class marketing solutions at scale, through software.1679415377

Realforce co-founder and CEO, André Hegge said, “We witnessed, first-hand, the challenges faced by agents equipped with marketing tools that took them away from their skill set. Our goal was to stay focused on delivering the best of breed in advertising, customer data, and brand management, but specifically for real estate marketing teams."

As a name, Adfenix could no longer represent what the platform nowmakes possible. Realforce will enable one real estate marketer to supportan entire team of agents, with a concierge marketing service, delivered atscale through software.”

Carl-Fredrik Mandrapa Olsson, Realforce VP Strategy, added,“What the team have created is not only a first-of-its-kind tech stackdesigned solely for real estate but also, a product universe that plays wellwith existing software. The platform fills the gaps in our partners’ existingtechnology, in a collaborative way, rather than overpowering.”

For many though, the true appeal of Realforce will lie in the combinedpower of the components within; promising a comprehensive service that isengineered for real estate, to drive business, profitability, market share andagent retention.

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About Adfenix

Adfenix ( delivers a best-in-class, data-backed and full service marketing operations platform that is trusted by many of the world’s largest real estate brands. Using smart, automated and AI enhanced technology, Adfenix untangles the complexity of the Real Estate industry, enabling customers to create value for their brand and agents.

Founded in Sweden in 2014 by co-founders André Hegge and Gabriel Kamienny, today Adfenix works with real estate professionals around the world, with 85 employees from 4 continents, and offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, San Francisco and London.