NV Realty Group Announces the Opening of an Office in Solar-Powered Development - Babcock Ranch, FL


1678806974BABCOCK RANCH, FL USA - When Michael Nicklaus and Todd Vance first visited Babcock Ranch and learned of its commitment to a solar-powered, sustainable development, the two brothers-in-law immediately knew the concept aligned with their company’s core values. Michael, an avid golfer and angler, and Todd, a sports and outdoor enthusiast, both fell in love with Babcock’s raw beauty and tranquil environment. After numerous discussions with the developers of Babcock Ranch, Kitson and Partners, NV (Nicklaus-Vance) Realty Group decided to launch a west coast division at Babcock Ranch.

Nicklaus-Vance is a collective group of professionals who embrace an eco conscious lifestyle and commit to providing exceptional real estate service. As a nod to Michael’s parents, golf legend Jack Nicklaus and Barbara Nicklaus, a well-known children’s charity advocate, the company’s primary hallmark centers around philanthropic endeavors. As such, NV RealtyGroup at Babcock Ranch generously gives back to charitable causes and welcomes the opportunity to work alongside community residents.

More than simply a business, NV Realty Group views its mission as relational and recognizes the value in building a culture that honors excellence and integrity. NV President Michael Nicklaus attributes the company’s philosophy to his parents’ family values. “My parents honor hard work, family, and integrity, and these values have always been the foundation for our business. Now, as we expand our reach to Babcock Ranch, we promise to provide the best representation and standards that align with my parents’ expectations of excellence and integrity,” promises Nicklaus.

Vance echoes similar sentiments, elaborating that he is eager to serve the Babcock Ranch community, support residents, and invest in its future. “We believe in Babcock Ranch, and we recognize it is a special town. We are incredibly thankful to be a part of its story,” reflects Vance, the Chief Operating Officer at NV.

Founded in 2003 as Golden Bear Realty, Nicklaus Vance originated in North Palm Beach, Florida and presently has office locations in North Palm Beach, Jupiter, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens, Charleston, SC and now Babcock Ranch. The company specializes in golf clubs and neighborhood developments, adheres to the highest ethical standards, and promotes a culture of kindness, service, and citizenship. “Valuing people over profits and partnering with premier professionals are the primary ingredients to our company’s success,” notes Nicklaus.

The NV | Babcock Ranch office, which is located at 42091 Cypress Parkway, Ste 5 Babcock Ranch, FL 33892, invites current residents, Babcock business owners, and those interested in learning more about the development to come by and meet our cordial team. Nicklaus-Vance is proud to be the town’s preferred real estate brokerage operation.

For more information, visit www.nvrealtygroup.com or call 941-584-9690