Fay Ranches is Pleased to Announce the Sale of Shilo Ranch, Listed for $3.98M, Represented by Seth Johnson


1674245780CHESTERFIELD, ID USA - Fay Ranches is pleased to announce the sale of Shilo Ranch in Chesterfield, Idaho, listed at $3.98 million represented by Seth Johnson.

This Idaho ranch is an opportunity to own a profitable livestock or hay-producing operation and experience everything the Idaho outdoors offers. Bordering the ranch, family farms and gorgeous open hillsides cover the landscape. You are greeted by a community where western values run deep. You will get a friendly wave and helpful neighbors. The ranch and area are special and the panoramic views are a place of peace. You will rarely have the opportunity to own a piece of Idaho quite like this. Additional Idaho properties are available through Fay Ranches.

For more information, please contact Seth Johnson at (208) 530-1106 or sjohnson@fayranches.com.