Agent Spotlight: Valerie Bourg More Than Tripled Her Business in Just the Last Year

First Team Real EstateMISSION VIEJO, CA - A powerhouse in the real estate business, Valerie Bourg joined the First Team Real Estate Mission Viejo office three years ago and has already successfully completed 57 transactions and nearly $50 million in total sales volume, growing her already thriving business 215% over the last 12 months. Earning First Team’s prestigious Hall of Fame Award in 2020 and on pace to earn the Hall of Fame Gold Medallion award for 2021, she is among the highest performing agents in the company, and by extension all of Orange County. 

Previously a small business owner and corporate project manager for Boeing, she is no stranger to hard work. Dedicated to the success of her clients and committed to helping them succeed no matter their needs, Valerie’s easygoing attitude and personal touch have gained her the trust of dozens of luxury homeowners throughout Lake Forest and beyond. Valerie Bourg

How did you begin building your real estate business? 

Valerie: When I decided to begin a career in real estate, it was a little daunting – I knew the stats on how many people fail their first year. But while I didn’t have any real estate specific experience, I had plenty of business experience and a great work ethic. And I also had a lot of great relationships with people in my neighborhood from my kids’ time at school and sports, so when it came time to begin, I simply hit the ground running. 

I organized a community garage sale in my neighborhood, handed out bags of donut holes with my business card on them, put up flyers, and went door to door. I hosted as many open houses as possible – 48 weekends my first year – so that I could connect with people who wanted to work with me. 

It was a grind but little by little, people gave me a chance. And with each and every person who placed their trust in me I did my job to the absolute best of my ability because customer satisfaction and exceeding their expectations is my number one goal. I work hard to make my clients happy. 

Congratulations on your impressive growth – especially over the last year! How would you describe your current strategy? 

V: Personally, I love connecting with people so I get out there and talk to people. I was just door-knocking today! It’s stressful to buy and sell a home so I want to be a calming force for my clients, right by their side through it all. Getting them over that bridge to the next stage in life. 

I will drop a handwritten note at someone’s house to say hi, and I’m also big on phone calls. Instead of sending emails – because everyone’s inbox just gets flooded – I like to make a phone call or send a text because I feel it makes a personable connection. 

Leveraging the company’s luxury partnerships with Christie’s, Luxury Portfolio, and I am able to bring my high-end clients every advantage possible in today’s market. And as I continue serving more and more sophisticated luxury homeowners, it seems my reputation simply grows. 

What First Team tools and resources have you taken advantage of in your career? 

V: I love Jacob Lawlor, my office manager. He’s so helpful and a shining light. He’s very enthusiastic and he doesn’t just broadly train – he gets an understanding of your individual needs, growth, and goals in order to coach you personally. He’s just a really good guy. 

I also thought the new agent training program at First Team was excellent. I loved role-playing and I still use the skills I was taught to this day. I went to every class and completed every single training module and video that was offered. They were so useful and I quickly became comfortable with every single aspect of the real estate transaction. 

If you could sell anyone's house, whose would it be and why?  

V: I’d have to pick Cam’s house! That would be some bragging rights there, selling the home of our company founder and CEO.