Todd Renfrew of California Outdoor Properties Sells Ashurst Ranch Listed at $15 Million

California Outdoor Properties PAICINES, CA - California Outdoor Properties is pleased to announce Todd Renfrew has successfully closed the Ashurst Ranch listed at $15,000,000.

Located in Northern California’s San Benito and Fresno Counties, Ashurst is just 60 miles from Hollister and a 100 miles from San Jose California. Encompassing a massive 27,944 deeded acres with a BLM allotment of 30,210 acres, this property is immense.

Ashurst Ranch Ashurst Ranch Ashurst Ranch

The ranch supports 4,500 head and most recently, 5,100 head of mix cows and feeders. Headquarters include multiple homes, shops, barns and livestock support equipment. Water throughout Ashurst comes from several ponds, some seasonal and spring fed. An extensive water system with storage tanks, troughs, springs and small wells provide livestock and domestic water for the ranch. There are nine oil wells on the property providing oil well income. In addition to the cattle operation, the ranch has outstanding hunting with elk, pigs and deer.

For more information, please contact Todd Renfrew at (707) 455-4444 or