Von der Heyden Group Launches Real Estate Services in Sardinia

Von der Heyden Group logoSARDINIA, ITALY - The Von der Heyden Group, a private investment and real estate firm active in real estate developments and investments, asset management and hospitality operations around Europe, has launched a real estate arm one of the Mediterranean’s most exclusive luxury locations, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. In over 30 years, the Von der Heyden Group has recorded investment programs, real estate assets, impending acquisitions and developments across more than 20 locations around the Globe. 

Von der Heyden Group Real Estate will be included as another platform in the Group’s international investment portfolio and will provide a specialist perspective and bespoke brokerage service in the real estate market to buyers and property owners. New OfficeThe new business will also deliver rental, concierge services and property management. 

Commenting on the Von der Heyden Group’s new pillar of business, Mr. Sven von der Heyden said: “As the real estate industry continues to evolve, our priorities remain the same; namely, working with local expertise we trust and with whom we have a deep, long-standing relationship. It is in the interest of the Von der Heyden Group as a dynamic international investment company specialising in quality real estate to continue to grow and develop our investment portfolio. The Von der Heyden Group’s enterprising real estate investments and developments, its award winning 11-hotel franchise and A-Class building property management expertise combined with its Seaview trophy estate in Porto Cervo, Costa Smeraldain-depth knowledge of the area, will offer a unique competitive edge for potential investors and experiential holiday makers.”

The Von der Heyden Group made international headlines on real estate news with the sale of the Blue Tower, forming part of Bavaria Towers one of Munich’s largest development projects, as well as the opening of new offices in Ukraine to establish multi-million commercial and residential property investments in Kyiv and Lviv. 

Von der Heyden Group Real Estate has opened its headquarter offices with Partner and Managing Director Marco Solas in Costa Smeralda, having extensive experience in the field of real estate and a lifetime of knowledge of Sardinia as an exclusive property location. Seaview trophy estate in Porto Cervo, Costa SmeraldaWalter Martini, an expert in the field of luxury rentals with extensive experience in hospitality joins the team as rental supervisor. 

Von der Heyden Real Estate has launched over 70 properties in its Costa Smeralda 2020 collection, featured in its experiential website www.vdhrealestate.com. Featuring in its first season is an exclusive sea view property, Villa Contissa, located in a prime location on the hills of Miata, overlooking Sardinia’s open sea and the archipelago of La Maddelena. 

About the Von der Heyden Group 

Von der Heyden Group (VDHG) is a leading high-quality niche player on the European Real Estate Market and has been successfully developing Class A Office buildings and Hotels in central and strategic locations in Malta, Germany, Poland and Spain. The Group is commonly known for its high-end finishes and quality, and at all times achieved record prices for its award-winning projects, when sold. 

The Von der Heyden Group currently has offices and representations in Madrid, Menorca, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Berlin, Munich, Poznań, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Lublin, Ukraine, Sardinia and Malta. The group has previously recorded investments and offices in other cities including New York, Atlanta, London, Dresden and Leipzig. 

The Von der Heyden Group has in Q4 2019 opened new offices in Ukraine to establish multi-million real estate investments in commercial and residential properties in Kyiv and Lviv. 

In February 2020, the Von der Heyden Group officiated the sale of the Blue Tower at Bavaria Towers, one of Munich’s largest development projects, to Real I.S, a leading asset manager on the German market after having completed long-term lease contracts for the state of the art project. The Group is also undergoing the construction of the highest building in Poznań city which will be the fourth and final development phase of Anders Square project in Poland. 

With over 30 years of sound experience and continuing presence on European markets, the investment firm enjoys the trust of international financial institutions, funds and big market players, as well as embassies, governmental institutions and cities. The Von der Heyden Group, have since 1989 recorded an investment program, impending acquisitions and developments with a value of over half a billion euro.

For more information on the Von der Heyden Group please visit www.vonderheydengroup.com