Tel Aviv, Israel


Situated on the Mediterranean coastline in central-west Israel, Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps. Known for its lively nightlife with a dynamic atmosphere and a 24-hour culture, Tel Aviv draws huge crowds to its diverse collection of bars and clubs. As a major hub of culture and entertainment, the city has grand and elegant venues for everything from the opera to live theater to film and much more. The Unesco-listed Bauhaus-era buildings throughout the city are a major draw, as are its variety of art galleries and chic cafes. Tel Aviv is a fully modern city, with free WiFi in every major public space, solidifying it as a hub of innovation and creativity.


Old City

This hilltop area overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is punctuated by shops, galleries, and the statuesque Franciscan St Peter’s Church.

HaPisgah Gardens

Just east of Old City is the highest point in the city, offering views of the entire city and coastline.

Jaffa Port

In The Holy Bible, Jaffa Port welcomed pilgrims to the Holy Land. Nowadays it’s a bustling facility incorporating a lovely boardwalk.