Sweden is one of the northernmost countries in the Europe, and it is also one of the largest. With over 50% of land covered in forests, opportunities to explore the Arctic wilderness are plentiful. During the summer, experience the midnight sun, when 24 hours of sunlight makes canoeing, fishing, hiking adventures available any time of the day. During the winter, immerse in the stillness of Lapland's expansive landscape. Witness the magical northern lights, luxuriate in the calm expansive outdoor landscapes, or relax with a spa day in one of Sweden's hot springs.



Encompassing 14 islands on the Baltic Sea with cobblestone streets and ochre-colored buildings, Stockholm is the capital of Scandanavia

Gotland Island

Arrive by ferry to Gotland – ripe with true old world charm and medieval surroundings

Gota Canal

Bike, boat, or cruise through the Gota Canal and its idyllic Swedish setting

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Helsingborg, Sweden

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Skanör, Sweden

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Höllviken, Sweden

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Södertälje, Sweden

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Stockholm, Sweden

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Saltsjöbaden, Sweden

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