Singapore truly is a ‘City in a Garden.’ It is an unexpected wonderland for nature lovers, yet a cluster of modernity for city folk. Central Singapore is bold; made up of futuristic skyscrapers with a focus on sustainability. Approximately one-third of its buildings are sustainable with plans to ‘green’ 80 percent of the city’s buildings by 2030. There are several green spaces to visit throughout the city as well, such as urban parks, meandering walking trails and Singapore’s renowned Botanical Gardens, a registered site on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Alongside Singapore’s vibrant eco-friendly community is continuous growth in industry and development in the latest technologies. Thanks to its highly efficient Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), thriving business ecosystem, urban planning successes, quality of internet and efforts toward clean energy, Singapore was ranked the second smartest city in the world by the 2017 Smart Cities Index and is quickly becoming a booming hub for artificial intelligence, electronic manufacturing and financial technology.


Singapore National Gallery

A haven of Southeast Asian and Singaporean art an history, in addition to rich local cuisine at the National Kitchen by Violet Oon

Botanical Gardens

Over 180 acres of tropical glassy lakes, rolling lawns and themed gardens, home to over 300 rare species of vegetation

Quayside Isle

On the Seritosa Cove lies this luxury waterfront arcade with games and world class dining