Named one of the happiest countries on earth, Costa Rica's year-round tropical climate and high quality of life attracts tourists and expats from all over the world. Costa Rica's biodiverse ecosystem and varied terrain offer everything from high-adrenaline eco-adventures to silent meditative retreats. In the Northern Region, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, abundant with flora and foliage, offers the opportunity to ride a peaceful tram above a canopy of green upward, and change gears with a misty zipline adventure down. Luxury properties are found in many areas but the most popular area to live large is in the Papagyo Peninsula of the North Pacific region. Extravagant resorts and splendid homes line the area's diverse beaches. For a more secluded feel, the South Pacific region offers sections of pristine waters and unspoiled, rugged beaches.


Monteverde and Santa Elenam

Shrouded in clouds, this humid and distinctive area is the birthplace of the country’s famous ecotourism movement

San Jose

Distinguished by its Spanish colonial architecture, San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica with museums and nature in equal parts

Cerro Chirripo

Bask in panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea from atop Costa Rica’s highest peak

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Featured Listings

Dominical, Costa Rica

$650,000 USD

3 3
Escazu, Costa Rica

$1,495,000 USD

4 5
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

$1,600,000 USD

Flamingo, Costa Rica

$4,950,000 USD

7 9
Sabana, Costa Rica

$650,000 USD

3 4
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

$850,000 USD

7 7