With striking water views, several mountain ranges, thriving cities, and lush greenery everywhere you turn, the Pacific Northwest is a haven for both city folk and nature lovers alike.

No region compares to the Pacific Northwest. Nowhere else can you experience a brilliant sun reflecting off the Puget Sound and experience the crisp smell of a Pacific Northwest rainfall. Seattle alone offers everything one could hope for, with the perfect balance of natural beauty while maintaining a big city feel. Visitors and residents of the Pacific Northwest can breathe in the refreshing air of the Cascades, gaze upon the idyllic waterfront, and hike the stunning mountains. Headquartered in this business oriented city is Boeing,, Nordstrom and of course Starbucks, all of which keep the economy thriving and well caffeinated. The conscious inhabitants of Cascadia lead by example and are on the forefront of the trending “green” lifestyle. One has to experience this area to understand the feeling of purity and raw beauty that only the Pacific Northwest can offer.