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I Am The Ultimate Team Player

Real estate is the largest ticket item anyone can purchase and as you can see from just a few of my testimonials, your interest and your welfare are first in my heart. I measure my success by the joy and happiness that I bring to my clients who ultimately become friends for life. Referrals and repeat business are the reasons for 98% of my business. I am an ultimate team player who understands the needs and emotions of my clients. I have the savvy and the passion of a tigress when it comes to negotiating the goals of either the first time buyer or a previous real estate owner. Successful negotiating is one of my greatest strengths. I have garnished numerous awards throughout my 19 year real estate career, but the greatest award that I relish is the knowledge that I have turned my clients’ dreams into realities.

“Recently, Alecia Charny sold my home in Toronto. What makes this sale quite exceptional is that she completed it after only having the home on the market for two days while dealing with a very uncooperative tenant. Since I currently live near New York City and couldn’t be present during this process, it was imperative that I find a real estate professional who could represent me with sensitivity, intelligence, professionalism, and wit. From the moment we first talked, it was quite apparent that that person was Alecia. Her vast experience and ability to use obstacles to her client’s advantage were very evident during the period in which I employed her services.

In addition, I really appreciated how Alecia kept me well-informed of each new development, and liked how she would present various options to me, while always letting me make all the key decisions. In other words, Alecia was very effective in partnering with me to achieve the results I was looking for. And just what are those results? You can imagine how exciting it was when we ended up selling my home at well beyond asking price!

Please be assured that if you decide to use Alecia’s services, you will not be disappointed.”
Paul, /Hoboken, N.J. 07030, USA
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“Dear Alecia,

You are special and don’t you let anyone tell you differently. You are the ray of sunshine that has enlightened up our lives and turned an almost “mission impossible” into a very happy reality. I will forever cherish your honesty thoughtfulness and sincere friendship. Your caring ways have touched my heart.

Thank you for keeping up with our moments of indecision. You’re the best. Here’s hoping that in the years to come our friendship will flourish so that I may always benefit from your worldly knowledge of, Real Estate, life and your much loved sense of humour!

Thank you for being you! Forever grateful Hugs and Love from Grace, Peter, Nicolas, Kristin, Emily

Celebrating a new friendship with you.”

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