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Born in Paris, France, I speak both English and French fluently.  In 1973, my family and I immigrated to Canada and I have lived here ever since with a few pit stops along the way.

As a daughter of a Toronto-based architect and builder, growing up on building sites has given me knowledge and know-how of the different facets of the real estate industry.  I became a licensed real estate agent in 2003 after returning to Canada from living abroad for 5 years.  I started my professional career as a Currency Broker on Bay Street with stops on Wall Street and Tel Aviv.

The knowledge I have acquired has led me to provide my clients with solid advice based on experience, knowledge of architecture and design and most of all my years negotiating trades as a Broker on Bay Street.

The commitment I give to my clients comes from determination and loyalty to give them the best sound advice in this ever-moving and changing industry.  Whether you are an investor, a first time buyer or a seasoned seller and buyer the end result should always be the same.  I have great organization and communication skills that seem to translate well when it comes to negotiating.

My commitment to all my clients, past and present, is to deliver first class customer care and experience, and above all, to ensure the clients’ real estate needs have been met and fulfilled.

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