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After graduating from Ryerson in Photographic Arts, Teri started working in the advertising field. She began as an assistant in an advertising agency and after a number of promotions, she spent several years as a producer. Years later, she became an executive producer at a well-known Toronto company. Teri’s next step was to open up her own company, newnewfilms ltd. Teri’s company represented and managed the careers of international directors, with leading advertising agencies as her clients. With over 35 years in the film industry, Teri has decided to turn another page and enter the real estate world. Teri has always had a love for architecture and design. She was instrumental in orchestrating the building and designing of her own office space. She wanted the space to represent the style of her acclaimed directors and cater to her clients from leading agencies. No stranger to hard work, Teri has always treated her clients with the upmost care and personal attention. She prides herself on making sure her clients have what is right for them and their unique needs.

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