Coldwell Banker Mason Morse - Redstone



A stop in Redstone, just up Highway 133 from Carbondale, is like visiting an idyllic yesterday. At the turn of the century, Redstone was referred to as the "Ruby of the Rockies," a direct reference to this tiny village's location, nestled against brilliant red cliffs and bounded by bubbling streams of the Crystal River.

Today, Redstone is a tranquil little hamlet enhanced by pastel-colored homes, picket fences, eclectic boutiques and antique shops -- all embraced by the tang of its pine-scented air. Looming over all is the stately Redstone Castle, a 42-room Tudor mansion completed in 1902, evidence of both the hamlet's and its owner's civic pride.

If you're curious about living along the road less traveled, visit us at our Redstone office. We're easy to find because we're located on the only main road. Drop in any time!

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