Wealth Quotient



The Challenge
“Outward in” prospecting techniques such as wealth screens and rich lists promote inefficient sales and fundraising strategies. These prospecting tools don’t take into consideration how a fundraiser or salesperson will access that so-called “prospect”. With no clear referral path, teams are forced to answer a very challenging question, “How do I get in front of the prospect?" The time, energy and resources spent trying to solve this problem is a big reason engaging this audience is so inefficient.

WealthQuotient scales an efficient “inward out” referral-based prospect development strategy by offering 3 core products:

Our Solution
We help Identify your real target market comprised of qualified and accessible prospects in the relational networks of your organization’s best referral sources (people we call “HUBS”). This is your WealthGraph and provides your sales and fundraising team with a clear referral path to each prospect.

Our World Class Coaching empowers teams with the skills, processes and tools they need to effectively monetize your institutions WealthGraph.

We help implement the proper metrics and KPI’s and track them throughout to ensure a clear ROI.