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I believe a client's real estate transaction journey should run smoothly with no added stressors being thrown at them because this is absolutely a special time in their lives. This is where my personal expertise comes in to alleviate anything unnecessary popping up. I am proud to represent every single one of my clients and will make sure you feel that way throughout our journey together. My duty of care to my clients will always be my top priority ensuring that you will be treated like family both during and after the transaction.

The real estate world has been an influence on me since I was a child. I was lucky to gain knowledge and experience throughout my youth and into my young adulthood from three family members who all were active in some aspect of the real estate business. From an early age this allowed me to learn about the importance of the intricate details in every transaction, as well as establish a strong work ethic to ensure completion of project deadlines.

I got into this business, in part, because I look forward to connecting not only on a professional level with clients, but also on a personal level. Seeing clients eager at the beginning of a transaction and then transitioning to pure joy when all is said and done makes the entire process worth it.

I love my job.

Accepting leadership roles has been integral to my personal journey while also understanding what it takes to be part of a team seeking to achieve a winning goal.

This path has led me through my work in an inner city school district, through coaching middle school football after my graduation from Moravian University, to the current challenge of helping my clients realize their dreams as they relate to home ownership and property investment.

During my time working with students the number one biggest take away is seeing how we are all different; the beauty of this world. This created a consistent practice regiment of consulting with multiple parties seeking common ground on various disputes. Those situations have been building blocks for my ability to complete the range of tasks involved in each real estate transaction.

I have learned to implement the skills required in the fast-paced problem-solving environment of a school district as well as the strategic requirements of the gridiron into the task of successfully representing buyers and sellers – even in a super-charged market.

With thorough communication and a true sense of care, with full attention to details and a studied understanding of the market, I achieve more and greater things for clients. Let me know how I might do the same for you.

“Step outside your old door & into the new, your dream home awaits.”

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